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A progressive and consistent debt management program designed to lower your exposure to bad debt that can severely damage your business and business growth is critical.

Part of this debt management plan is a hand over of bad debt that can still be collected to an outside company for more aggressive collection measures.   This allows for segregation of the debt collection and repayment negotiations between your company and your clients.  You can still nurture your relationship with your client that had bad debt that is handed over and in this way separate business from the payment collection.  However as the saying goes: "once bitten, twice shy", your debt management system should be amended so that the payment terms in this instance would be cash on delivery or even up-front payment..

A key factor which will affect car loan payments is the interest charged on the amount you borrow. The interest on car loans will vary depending on your credit rating and whether any specials are offered by the manufacturer. A better credit rating will obviously get you a better car loan interest rate, while a lower credit rating can increase the interest rate on your automobile financing.

Our Specialists will help you with your debt management strategy to ensure debt is managed effectively and by us being involved in the process we also understand you as our client better as well as your business and processes and it would make the collection of handed over debt much easier.  We partner in your debt management strategy ensuring it is effective.

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